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Anne Steeves





Anne Steeves

About Me and My Work

Curiosity basically motivates my passion as a psychotherapist. I continue to be intrigued by how we manage life issues that compel us to change. I hail from Nova Scotia hence a graduate of both Dalhousie and Acadia Universities. I hold , plus my Bachelor of Social Work ,two degrees in Education. I consider my Masters and Doctoral theses to be highlights of my career . An Exploratory Study of the Relationship Between Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Female Obesity was the first and Focusing-Oriented Experiential Journeys in Resolving the Resultant Shame of Childhood Sexual Abuse , the second .

As a registered Social Worker I am a founding member of Accendus Group - a group of clinical Social Workers, psychotherapists and alternate dispute resolution specialists . My practice includes the major therapeutic modalities. As a woman ,feminist .parent and psychotherapist I especially appreciate listening to the life-narratives both women and men tell. This is decidedly true when it comes to being a member of the reintegration team which offers me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and practice of families in crisis. I particularly take pleasure in counselling women who, in the second half of their lives, are eager to discover their potential growth. I highly value the philosophical process of Focusing- Oriented therapy - being present to the transformative, implicit wisdom of the body in a way that promotes healing of the body, is a privilege .

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