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Gregory Koval





Greg Koval

About Me and My Work

Gregory Koval has been a practising mental health clinician and Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist for the past 50 years. He has practised in both hospital settings and in private practice. Currently he practises individual, couple and family therapy. Gregory has lectured extensively at the University level and lectures extensively as a clinical lecturer, consultant and consulting mental health administrator.


He has personally trained and clinically supervised over 65 graduate students in social work, psychology and counselling psychology and has overseen the supervision of many more graduate students helping them achieve certification for general practice. Gregory has worked extensively with the native population in Canada in the far north with respect to mental health issues and service delivery.


His clinical practice encompasses the fields of work in psychiatry, general medicine and emergency room medicine. Greg has also consulted extensively to the insurance industry with respect to the management of complex long-term disability case management cases.

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