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John Franchi

MA Counselling Psychology




John Franch

About Me and My Work

I am an experienced professional in the final quarter of my career. I am a husband, a father, a brother, and a friend. I am fortunate to have enjoyed success in my personal collective. From this base, I approach my practice as a vocation more than a profession. I am a proponent of positive psychology in my efforts to assist individuals through the examination of issues analytically and pragmatically.


I assist by analyzing problems and concerns and highlighting paths to solutions through practical counselling. Find the difficulty, repair the damage, build toward successful outcomes that deliver fulsome quality of life. I start by building a compassionate rapport with clients. This structures the framework within which we engage in meaningful discussions that deliver the insights required to advance this process. I operate from the initial premise that people do what they want to do.


I seek to assist people to do what is best for them and aid the effort to limit unhelpful perceptions, to end poorly crafted attitudes, and to conclude bad actions. Life is practice. We engage in the construction of sound behavior that promotes the best practices.

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