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Mary Jo Franchi-Rothecker

LL.B, M.B.A.




Mary Jo

About Me and My Work

After almost 20 years of practicing family law in Alberta, I recognized that "winning" in Court

did not provide families with the resolution of their disputes and with a workable go-forward

plan for the children. After returning to Ontario,** to care for my parents, I joined Accendus

Group and trained first as a Mediator with Dr. Barbara Landau and then as a Parenting

Coordinator with Dr. Barbara Fidler. Concurrently, I trained with Gregory Koval to learn, and

assist with, therapeutic interventions for families.


I have continued my training every year with courses provided by the AFCC, ADR and FDRIO

including Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity training. Currently, I am completing the Parenting

Plan Evaluations Course (formally s. 30 Assessments) with Michael Saini and Shely Polak.

Since 2010, I have successfully completed Family Mediations (both Parenting Plans and

Financial settlement), assisted parents with numerous Parenting Coordination processes and

Arbitrations, and worked with Accendus therapists on Reintegration and INTAKE processes.


My primary goal, in working with families, is to reduce or eliminate the risks to children, as their

parents transition through separation, and to return the family to a new normal as soon as

possible. In working with former spouses or partners, my goal is to reduce the acrimony, keep

people out of court and complete the separation in a non-acrimonious and cost-effective manner.

** Full Disclosure Upon Request and Curriculum Vitae available on request.

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